The Plugster: 

  Lions Plugster

The Lions PLUGSTER is an easy to use device which helps people with disabilities, such as arthritis sufferers, to pull plugs out of electric sockets.

This device is quick and simple to attach to a plug.  Pulling a plug out of a socket can prove difficult for the elderly, frail or disabled.

Struggling to pull out a plug can result in a loss of balance or even a fall. It is also dangerous to try to loosen and remove a plug by pulling on the flex.

The safe answer is to use a Plugster.

For more information ring  Stafford Lions on 0345 833 5834


The Plugster® has been tested by Bureau Veritas to ensure it is safe to use, one issue that was important was to ensure that it affected the pin length by less than 0.8mm, this is because British Standards have a minimum and maximum length of each pin.

The difference is only 1mm so most manufacturers make the pin length slightly under the maximum, this is because it is easier to remove material from any that go over the maximum, as a result most are 0.8mm over the minimum length, as The Plugster® only affects the pin by 0.48mm it won’t affect British Standards.

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