Young Leaders in Service

  Young Leaders in Service Award:

   The YLiS Award:

The ‘Young Leaders in Service Award’ recognizes young people who provide significant levels of service to their communities within a 12 month period.Target Age Group: 

12 to 18 year olds (School Years 7 to 13)

Target Groups:

High Schools plus youth groups such as Scouts, Guides, Cadets Youth Clubs and Young Carers etc.

50 hours of service = Silver Award

100 hours of service = Gold Award .

An international award
sponsored by Lions Clubs International
supported locally
by Stafford Lions Club

    How does it Work?

The Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards are sponsored by local Lions clubs.  Clubs may recognise as many young people as they find eligible, inviting  youth groups or local schools to participate.

Each young person will be provided with a logbook in which to record their service activities.  These activities are in a number of different categories – all the hours can be from the same activity or from a variety of services.  Categories include service to the young, the elderly, family members and the homeless and hungry. It could also include protecting our      environment.  Young people may also wish to assist their local Lions club in fundraising or welfare activities.  All these activities count as hours towards the award.

     Administration of the Award:

Stafford Lions club will invite youth groups or local schools to participate in the award scheme and will distribute program materials.

The Lions Award Chairman coordinates with adult youth group leaders or school personnel, who can certify young people’s service records and submit award forms to the Lions club.

Our Club Secretary will request awards from Lions Clubs International HQ in America.

Lions Clubs International issues a congratulatory letter from the International President and a certificate for each recipient.

Stafford  Lions Club will liaise with organisations to arrange for an award presentation for youth recipients.

Contact Details:
Young Leaders in Service Officer, Lion Ed Rule, Email:    01889 574 122

     Guidance for Projects:

*Category that might count towards a YLiS Award

1 Environment,
3 Safety,
5 Disaster Relief,
7 Help children,
9 Help homeless/hungry people,
2 Public Health,
4 Literacy and Education,
6 Community improvement,
8 Help elderly people, 10 Other.

Service category*

Suggestions for possible service activities

Service for the elderly (8)

Performing simple home repairs and jobs around the house; running errands; chatting and being a friend; teaching older people IT skills

Service for children (7)

Collecting and distributing toys or clothes
Reading stories and helping with homework
Visiting children in hospital
As a Guide, helping with Brownies, Rainbows; as a Scout, helping with Cubs, Beavers, perhaps sewing on achievement badges

Environment (1)

Plant trees
Clear litter

Service to the homeless/hungry (5), (9) Choose one of these

Collecting food, clothing and toiletries for donation to a local welfare centre; raising money to buy essentials for them to set up home; disaster relief

Safety training (3)

Helping younger children learn about water safety, fire prevention, traffic awareness, bicycle safety

Service to parents or family (4), (7) (8) Choose one of these

Caring for a disabled family member
Shopping and cleaning
Entertaining, chatting and motivating
Looking after younger brothers or sisters; babysitting

Education (4)

Helping a child or adult to learn how to read and write
Reading to those visually impaired or record stories for them to listen to

Public health (2)

Assist with health screening
Collect used spectacles and hearing aids for recycling
Create awareness of AIDS, teenage suicide and substance abuse

Taking a leaders’ role (6) or (10)

Cadets; Boys’ Brigade; St John; Red Cross; Church; Youth Club; Community youth group; involvement with any community activity

Helping the Lions (1), (2), (7), (8), (5), (9), (10)

Fund-raising for local charities, welfare activities or disaster relief
Planning a party for children; organising a treat for older


Young Leaders in Service GOLD LEVEL AWARDS:
Minimum of 100 hours of community service in a 12 month period

Awarded in 2016
Meg Aston – Girl Guides
Andrew Edwards – Penkside Community Champions
Oliver Sandbrook – Penkvale Community Champions

Awarded in 2015
Beth Poynton – Girl Guides
Harry Adams – Venture Scouts
Hannah Roberts – Girl Guides
Bethany Outran – Girl Guides

Young Leaders in Service SILVER LEVEL AWARDS:
Minimum of 50 hours of community service in a 12 month period

Awarded in 2015
Emily Carmichael – The Kings Club
Taylor Lewis – The Kings Club
Jamie Phillips – Kerygma Community Outreach

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